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Epson MG-850HD con base para el iPhone, lo hemos probado

29 Diciembre 2013
  • Extracto: ¿Hasta qué punto resulta “rentable” optar por un proyector centrado en los reproductores de Apple? Esa es la pregunta que todo el mundo tiene que hacerse al enfrentarse a la decisión de compra de un equipo como el Epson MG-850HD .
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Epson MegaPlex MG-850HD Easy Home Theater 3LCD Projector for iPhone, iPad, iPod Review
17 Abril 2014
  • Resumen: The Epson MegaPlex is a solidly built projector that produces amazing picture quality and with its ability to dock an iDevice, watching movies, looking at pictures or giving a presentation is easily doable.
  • A favor: Set Up In Minutes:, Digital Dock:, Beautiful Image:, Auto Adjustments:, Great Connections:, Speaker Dock:, Cheaper Than A TV:
  • Contras: Biggest Complaints:, Simple Speakers:, FYI:
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Test: Epson MG-850HD

9 Junio 2013
  • Extracto: Mit dem MG-850HD hat Epson einen klassischen Heimkino-Beamer im Angebot, der an seiner Rückseite über eine ausfahrbare Dockingstation mit einem 30-poligen Dock-Connector verfügt.
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Opinión de Experto

Lyd & Billede
4 Septiembre 2012
  • Resumen: Den bærbare Epson-projektor er langtfra det bedste i billedkvalitet. Uden fuld 1080 HD og 3D-støtte vil den ikke egne sig til dem, der ser meget film derhjemme og stiller høje krav til billedkvaliteten.
  • A favor: Godt lysudbytte, Okay farvegengivelse, Bærbar og praktisk
  • Contras: Svagt sortniveau, Lav kontrast, Kun 720p HD-kvalitet
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Review: Epson MG-850HD – Projector
14 Agosto 2012
  • Extracto: Epson (@EpsonUK) has developed the Epson MG-850HD with inbuilt 10W stereo speakers & iPod docking. The MG-850HD is able to play music, videos and photos, as well as TV programmes and feature-length films previously download...
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Epson MegaPlex MG-850HD Projector review

My Broadband
8 Agosto 2012
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Opinión de Experto
22 Julio 2012
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Epson MegaPlex MG-850HD projector

21 Julio 2012
  • Conclusión: If you’re looking to watch the video on your iPad or iPhone on a screen up to 320ines across, the MegaPlex MG-850HD can accommodate. The direct mirroring of your Mac’s desktop with audio to the projector over USB is handy, but the speed of the connection seems too slow to provide smooth motion in...
  • A favor: Lots of connection options; iOS device dock
  • Contras: Loud fan; iTunes video must be fully loaded to iOS device; Choppy video when mirrored from Mac over USB
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Epson MG-850HD iPod projector

Trusted Reviews
21 Julio 2012
  • Resumen: Epson delivers a casual projector aimed at the iThing set. But is it as 'cool' as the Apple products it’s designed to support?
  • A favor: Pictures are bright enough to watch in ambient light, Docking functionality is well integrated, Speakers are pretty decent
  • Contras: Very low contrast, Lack of resolution very noticeable, No image shift
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Review: Epson MegaPlex MG-850HD LCD Projector

Sound & Vision Magazine
21 Mayo 2012
  • Extracto: There’s a coffee cup on the remote, an icon unmistakably a cup and saucer. Maybe it’s tea. It’s the largest button. It’s backlit. It might be taunting me.So begins my time with the Epson MegaPlex MG-850HD Projector, a plucky little PJ that makes me question the logic of every flat panel in...
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