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Marantz CD5004

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Marantz CD5004
16 Junio 2014
  • Conclusión: If you're looking for a top-quality CD player -- but you don't want to shell out for the Best Reviewed Marantz CD6005 (Est. $550) -- consider the lower-priced Marantz CD5004. It omits the iPod hookup you'll find on the pricier model, and the sound quality isn't quite as spectacular. But it's very good, and Stereophile magazine recommends it as an excellent entry-level CD player.
  • A favor: Very good sound quality, Many play options, Built-in headphone amp
  • Contras: Doesn't play all discs, No USB/iPod jack
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Opinión de Experto

24 Mayo 2011
  • Extracto: По современным меркам недорогой, но при должной обвязке способен обеспечить очень приличное качество звучания.
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