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JimboSpins, Audiofanzine
21 Marzo 2013
  • Extracto: The Numark NDX 400 was in my set up from around the summer of 2011 up until the summer of 2012. It help up very good and never gave me any issues. The only issue that I would encounter with it is with the CD’s. They had to be pretty much flawless with no smudges or scratches on this. This is very difficult to do when you are working with so many...
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"worth it, invest!

stompboxjon, Audiofanzine
13 Abril 2012
  • Extracto: I have used the Numark NDX 400 on several occasions , though I do not own this unit at the current time but a friend does and I get the chance to use it a lot. I have ready no manual for this device and can use all of the functions without a problem. Maybe because of other units like it that I have used in the past enabled me to navigate this on...
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Best CD Player I Have Found

Christy the Dance Instructor, B&H Photo
12 Septiembre 2014
  • Extracto: I am a dance instructor and this CD player is perfect for my needs. It has the most pitch levels I can get from a CD player (so I can speed up and slow down the songs). It is also very durable as I take it everywhere. There are still quite a few features I have not even used. I love to play CD's, but I also have an option of a USB port in case something happens to my CD's. For someone who depends on a CD player for my work, this one is the best.
  • A favor: Consistent, Durable, Easy To Use, Looks good, Portable, Professional Features
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Best in class for the money

P. Nomenon, Amazon
10 Septiembre 2014
  • Resumen: I love this thing! One of the best purchases I have made. It's fantastic. It does everything it advertises and then some. The scratch feature works perfectly, with pin-point accuracy. Even better than vinyl turntables on the scratch, since there is no skipping. I love the fact that it also plays MP3 USB Flash drives just like CD's, with all the bells and whistles.
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works good for what I wanted

James Williams, Amazon
4 Septiembre 2014
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very happy nephew

40gorio, Amazon
3 Agosto 2014
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Great Product!!!!

Whodini4, B&H Photo
16 Julio 2014
  • Extracto: This is a great product from Numark! You can play MP3 CD's or use a USB Flash Drive. Very sturdy and built to last. Looks great lite up and it is a serious piece of hardware. Can't say anything bad about the NDX400!!!
  • A favor: Easy To Use, Professional Features, Versatile
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Gotta get one of these.

Ewan Nelson, Amazon
4 Julio 2014
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Just what I needed!

duff, Amazon
9 Junio 2014
  • Resumen: I was looking for a cd player to hook up to my mixer and play backing tracks. I did a ton of research and was never happy with any of the choices I found. I was using my BluRay DVD player to play cd's and it was a real pain to get it to work right. Then I ran across this thingie from Numark and from the description, it appeared to be what I was looking for. So I bought it! $190.00 with Prime's free two day shipping.
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"Très efficace pour le prix"

mosh555, Audiofanzine
11 Mayo 2014
  • Extracto: Cette machine est capable de lire des fichiers MP3 encodés en 48 KHz et 320 Kbps depuis une clé USB mais ne lit pas les WAV sur clé USB. La lecture de la clé et des CD est immédiate contrairement aux CDJ 200 de Pioneer qui sont lents à décoder les CD et qui ne lisent pas les clés USB. Toutes les fonctions attendues ...
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