Yamaha CD-S2000
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Yamaha CD-S2000

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Тест CD-проигрывателя Yamaha CD-S2000

30 Mayo 2013

CD-Player Yamaha CD-S 2000

26 Junio 2009

CD-Player mit SACD Yamaha CD S 2000

28 Abril 2009
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Yamaha CD-S2000 review

TechRadar UK
26 Febrero 2009
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Yamaha CD-S2000

Good Gear Guide.au
17 Septiembre 2008
  • Resumen: If you’ve got a wide selection of CDs or SACDs, you’ll notice a difference stepping up to a dedicated CD player like the CD-S2000. Of course, just like with other high-end components you need the appropriate system to take advantage of that jump in sound quality.
  • A favor: Extremely high precision and fidelity, leaps and bounds ahead of a generic CD player
  • Contras: Display is a little hard to read at distance
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Yamaha CD-S2000 and A-S2000

1 Agosto 2008