Yamaha CD-S2000
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Yamaha CD-S2000

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Тест CD-проигрывателя Yamaha CD-S2000

30 Mayo 2013
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Elegant retro style and exemplary sound quality.

Good Gear Guide.au
18 Septiembre 2009
  • Resumen: If you’ve got a wide selection of CDs or SACDs, you’ll notice a difference stepping up to a dedicated CD player like the CD-S2000. Of course, just like with other high-end components you need the appropriate system to take advantage of that jump in sound quality.
  • A favor: Extremely high precision and fidelity, leaps and bounds ahead of a generic CD player
  • Contras: Display is a little hard to read at distance
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CD-Player Yamaha CD-S 2000

26 Junio 2009

Opinión de Experto

28 Abril 2009
  • Extracto: The rear panel reveals that the Yamaha has multiple output stages, with both unbalanced (RCA) and balanced analogue outputs, and coaxial and optical digital outputs. Unlike some CD players, where it’s merely the final output stage that’s balanced, the Yamaha CD-S2000’s design is balanced right from...
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CD-Player mit SACD Yamaha CD S 2000

28 Abril 2009
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Yamaha CD-S2000 review

TechRadar UK
26 Febrero 2009

Yamaha CD-S2000 and A-S2000

1 Agosto 2008