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HTC Touch (P3450)

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HTC Touch, bienvenido a casa

30 Julio 2014
  • Extracto: Destacamos de este terminal su pantalla táctil que de momento es divertida pero no nos ha proporcionado nada extra por el hecho de poder cambiar de aplicaciones deslizando el dedo. Lo que sí nos ha gustado es el diseño y su reducido tamaño.
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HTC Touch, toma de contacto en vídeo

30 Julio 2014
  • Extracto: No hemos querido compararlo con el iPhone porque no tiene sentido. Si obviamos esto, HTC ha hecho seguramente el mejor smartphone que he tenido en mis manos, ayudado sobre todo por su pantalla táctil que puede usarse casi sin problemas con el dedo, su tamaño y peso reducido y el diseño.
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Diseño 7
Valor por su dinero 8
Características 8
Facilidad de uso 8
Desempeño 7

HTC Touch

4 Abril 2014
  • Resumen: P ersonally I find the HTC Touch a nice mobile phone with innovative features. The TouchFLO technology is a fantastic invention, it works fast and effectively. Despite the fact that the TouchFlo technology is used in the HTC Touch for the first time it is a well thoughtout concept. It certainly answers to the business user's needs to have the possibility of checking email or opening office documents while on the road.
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HTC Touch with WM6 Professional
15 Septiembre 2013
  • Extracto: Almost a month before the Apple iPhone will be released, the first touch-sensitive finger-oriented-user-interface mobile phone was released by HTC. It's called the HTC Touch and builds upon Windows Mobile 6 Professional with some new touch screen technology and finger gesture recognition software.
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Opinión de Experto

6 Mayo 2013
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HTC Touch

Komputer for alle
16 Noviembre 2011
  • Resumen: HTC Touch er en ekstrasmart mobiltelefon. Den har intet tastatur, og betjeningen af de mange fede funktioner foregår direkte på det store 2,8-tommer berøringsfølsomme display. Vi synes dog, at det bliver lidt for smart, for menuerne består af en blanding af store virtuelle knapper, man sagtens kan ramme med fingrene, kombineret med irriterende små miniknapper hvor man er tvunget til at bruge den medfølgende pegepind - hvis du har travlt eller skriver mange SMS'er vil HTC...
  • A favor: Lækkert display, Bladrefunktionen, 1 GB hukommelse
  • Contras: Vi savner mobiltasterne, Umuligt at komme til SIM- og hukommelseskortet
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VIDEOVIEW: HTC TouchFLO Touch Screen Experience [UPDATE]

14 Marzo 2011
  • Extracto: Following HTC's earlier HTC Touch announcement and the introduction of TouchFlo, here we go with an exclusive video walkthrough which shows it better what TouchFlo is and can provide. TouchFlo is definitely groundbreaking for Windows Mobile devices since it offers a new and unique way of controlling touch screen-based devices by recognizing and responding to the sweep of a finger across the screen.
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PHOTOVIEW: HTC Touch Windows Mobile 6 Professional Smartphone

14 Marzo 2011
  • Extracto: I think most of you, who are interested into HTC's recently launched HTC Touch , have seen and read everything about this new Windows Mobile 6 Professional smartphone. Nevertheless, thanks to HTC Europe from which I've recently received a device for playing and testing, I want to add my view of the device as well - again as a photo view.
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HTC Touch Windows Mobile Smartphone

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5 Febrero 2011

HTC Touch P3450 Review

23 Diciembre 2010
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