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Genius G-Shot HD520

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Genius G-Shot HD520

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26 Mayo 2011
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6 Octubre 2009
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Genius G-Shot HD520

21 Agosto 2009
  • Extracto: (1 items) With its $139 price, the G-Shot HD520 pocket high-definition (HD) camcorder from Genius is more affordable than its competitors, such as the $200 Flip UltraHD ( ), the $200 Xacti VPC-CG10 ( ), the $230 Vado HD ( ), or the $160 Zi6 ( ). In this case, however, it pays to fork out the extra cash for one of the G-Shot’s competitors—the G-Shot’s image quality lags behind the rest of the pack.
  • A favor: Digital image stabilization, Large flip-out LCD, Motion detection mode, Decent indoor video quality
  • Contras: Records only 22kHz mono audio, Zoom stutters, Poor overall video quality, Inelegant controls
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Genius G-Shot HD520 review

10 Junio 2009
  • Resumen: We weren’t bowled over by the Genius G-Shot HD520. It crams in a lot of ideas but doesn’t execute them terribly well. We’d be happy to take this camcorder out and about to record a family fun day, but wouldn’t rely on it as our everyday digital camera.
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